Tim Bedford & Stephanie Heins

These two silly people met 8 years ago, worked together in the hospitality industry, traveled internationally together and decided to work together on something they are both very passionate about. Enter Ginger Jars!

Tim having been a Chef for most of his career and Steph having absolutely no background at all in Hospitality, rather in communications, business and art jumped at the idea of staring something in their beloved community that would help make a difference in food waste on a local level. Together they dream to grow Ginger Jars to take it across Canada and drive awareness and resources to make a larger impact.

Tim is currently a culinary professor at Vancouver Community College (VCC) where he implements strategies and knowledge in food waste reduction and Stephanie is managing the Drift Cafe and Bistro, a Local eatery on the Sunshine Coast that Tim and Stephanie both co-own and operate GingerJars foods from.